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Do you regularly order the same items? The order list function saves you a lot of time. You can place your monthly order with just one click.

Should you ever want to order another item or deselect an item, this can of course also be done without any problems.

And this is how the order lists work:

Create lists

  1. Switch to your account area
  2. Select the item Order Lists
  3. Create a new order list

Name and save list

  1. Name the list
  2. Click on the "Save" icon

Add products

  1. Search for your items (By name or item number)
  2. Add the item to your order list

Modify and save list

  1. Select the desired quantity
  2. Save your order list
  3. Perform steps 6 - 9 for all required items

Transfer list to shopping cart

  1. Add the entire list to your current shopping cart with one click
  2. Go through the check-out as usual (to the cashier)